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Original Thai Soups

Tom Yum Thai Spicy Lemon Grass soup

Original Thai Salads

Choose your flavor style: mild, medium or spicy

Original Thai Fried Noodles


Original Thai Stir Fry and Entrees

Stir Fried Dishes are Culinary Delights Accented with an array of Original Thai exotic seasoning's, spice's and Vegetable's, Stir Fried to perfection with 100% Non Trans Fat Soy Bean Oil. Served with Rice & Choice of Meat

Phad Gra Prow ( Thai Spicy Garden Basil Stir Fry )

Selected choice's sauteed with spicy Garden Basil,Green Bean's,Chili Peppers,Onion,Bell Pepper's,Bamboo Shoots, Carrots and crushed Garlic

Phad King Sod Thai Spicy Ginger Stir Fry )

Selected Choice's Sauteed with Fresh young Ginger,Mushroom's,Bell Pepper's,Onoin's,Zucchini,Carrot's with Original Thai Seasoning

Pad Pak Raum Mid ( Thai Garlic Seasoned Vegetables Stir Fry )

Selected Choice's Sauteed with Broccoli, Cabbage,Carrot's,Mushroom's,Bamboo Shoot's,Onion's,Zucchini with a touch of Garlic

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Pad Med Ma Muang ( Thai Crunchy Cashew Stir Fry )

Selected Choice's Sauteed with with Crunchy Cashew's,Garlic,Carrot's,Bell Pepper's,Mushroom's,Zucchini's, White Onion's and Green Onion's

Pad Preow Wan ( Thai Sweet and Sour Stir Fry )

Selected Choice's Sauteed with Thai and Sour Sauce,Pineapple's,Tomatoe's,Cucumber's,Bell Pepper's and Onion's

Original Thai Eggplant

Eggplant Seasoned to perfection with Garlic, Onion's,Carrot's,Bell Pepper's,Basil and Mushroom's with Thai Original Spice's

Beef or Chicken Broccoli

Served with Shitake mushrooms, Carrot's and a touch of Oyster Sauce and Original Thai Spice's

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Phad Gar Tiem ( White Pepper Stir Fry )

Carrot's,Garlic,Broccoli,Cabbage,with Original Thai's Famous White Pepper Sauce

White Pepper Duck


Half Crispy Duck with our white pepper stir fry

Asparagus Duck


Half Crispy Duck with Asparagus Stir Fry

SSS Duck


Crispy (half) Duck with Sweet,Sour and Spicy Sauce...(ONLY SERVED SPICY!)

Original Thai Curry - Full Portion

Original Thai Lunch Specials

Rice and Tossed Salad with Original Thai peanut Sauce Dressing and one Spring Roll

Original Thai Burgers and Thai Larb Wrap

These Original Thai Cuisine creations present classic northeastern Thai minced meat dishes ( Larb) is ground meat mixture of beef, chicken, pork or tofu mixed with lemon grass, garlic, red onions, lime juices and Original Thai spices, then stirred fried to perfection. A great healthy sandwich meal with zesty Thai approach

Original Thai Fried Rice

Classic Thai Fried Rice with your choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu or vegetable

Original Thai Side Orders

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Lunch Hours

Tuesday thru Saturday11:00-4:00

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Tuesday thru Saturday4:00-8:00


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